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OTYS has years of experience in developing recruitment software and offers a complete package for recruitment and selection agencies, temporary labour providers, corporate HR and Talent Acquisition departments, and domestic and international job boards. With five offices and over 100 employees, we are not only the largest in Europe, but we also have a very broad knowledge base. We have put together a number of reasons for you to choose OTYS.


OTYS is delighted to design and develop a state of the art recruitment website for you, based on your unique requirements. In addition, OTYS offers numerous tools to simplify, improve and accelerate your business processes. For example, we offer a full CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, candidate management, e-mail, calendar, analysis tools and sales management. Of course we provide full integration and linkage with your existing company website. Working with one system, you will have all your data available and up-to-date anytime and anywhere. Our applications, tools and modules can be purchased separately If you don’t need the full solution.


OTYS not only has more than 15 years of experience in the development of recruitment software, but is also established within the recruitment industry. We understand what is needed for managing successful recruitment and selection processes. Because we work closely with our many technology partners, we have an increasingly wide knowledge base. We want to share this knowledge; we offer countless methods and opportunities to take advantage of this. For example, we not only offer product training for OTYS users, but also job related courses. Aside from that we offer numerous white papers and we organise an informal Walk-in Friday every month with alternating guest speakers.


You work with a lot of private and sensitive data. We understand that it is very important to meet stringent guidelines for protecting that information. OTYS ensures optimal security of your data by utilising Unitt for Secure Hosting. This allows you to work safely and securely with all your user and candidate personal data. In addition, we make sure the OTYS applications are 100% accessible, anytime and anywhere. Even at peak times.


OTYS works closely with more than 20 product and integration partners, to provide additional functionality that makes our software even better and more extensive. We continuously integrate these functionalities into the OTYS solution ensuring that you can continue to meet all of your business needs with one system.


OTYS strives to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we are continuously working on the further optimisation of our products and functionalities. And we are not doing this alone; our clients provide valuable input on what they would like to see changed in the software. On a regular basis we organise User Testing Days to evaluate customer feedback and use this to develop and implement improvements. Additionally, OTYS encourages contact between our customers to share needs and wish lists; collectively developing new features or products. Together we achieve the best ideas. And it saves you time and money.


When you refer a new OTYS customer, the OTYS Customer Referral Model provides an appropriate reward. Your network probably includes contacts to whom OTYS solutions are of interest. Create a lead in the OTYS system and for every order placed, you will receive 10% of the order value or an iPad. This way you can easily use your network to earn back your OTYS investment.
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