Sourcing tools

You have a new vacancy. But how do you find the right candidates? With our tools, searching for talent becomes very easy.


With the unique Actonomy search technology, you will find a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, you can search for specific text within documents, identifying the required experience or expertise for your key roles. The expert search parameters even identify skills via synonym matching.

Multi Location Search
Search through a range of online sources like LinkedIn, and more job boards within your own ecosystem. 

Empowered Search
Make use of the advantages and power of Boolean search, but without having to create complex search algorithms.

LinkedIn search

With our Chrome LinkedIn Search extension you can easily search for specific criteria and keywords on LinkedIn. You can save interesting profiles in your OTYS database, including adding assessment and interview details.

Mark candidates as favourites and create a shortlist within minutes.

Save queries
Easily save your frequently used queries and share them with colleagues.

Referral portal

Get the most out of your employee network. Our Referral Portal uses fun games and reward elements that will stimulate your employees to introduce new talent. This increases their involvement in building your business and decreases the amount of time necessary to fill vacancies.

Reward program
Let your employees win reward credits for proposing candidates.

Cash your credits
Go shopping in the corresponding employee referral web store with the credits you have won.

Public ranking
Show the list of top referrer scores and encourage your employees to be the best recruiter. 


You can enter vacancies directly into your database or let your customer enter these through your website. You can publish vacancies immediately on your career site or search internally in your OTYS data base for the matching candidates first.

Job profiles
Recurrent vacancies? Choose a predefined job template to quickly open a new job in the system.

Match criteria
Use skills criteria to create searches and match your vacancy with talent from your database.

Quickly see candidate and job statuses.
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We will make sure you are the owner of an optimal working process and that your vacancies are more easily found by search engines, delivering better candidates to your critical vacancies.

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