Selection tools

With the OTYS selection tools, it’s easy to rate CVs, search your database and match candidates to openings. Use the tool to optimise your selection process and keep your database up-to-date. Introducing the best matched candidate to your client or a hiring manager becomes simplicity itself.

Candidate management

Do you want to access all your candidates in one clear view? The OTYS Candidate Manager provides a simple to use perspective, while making it possible to add customised matching criteria to each individual candidate.

Extensive file options
There is no limit to the number of documents which can be attached to a candidate’s file. Interview notes and emails are added automatically to the candidate record.

Up to date list of candidate data
Your candidates have the ability to log in remotely to review or to adapt their details.

Availability up to date
Candidates are periodically reminded by the system to update their availability. Thus your active candidate list is always up-to-date.

Prevent fraud
To prevent fraud with documents, references and education data, the OTYS CV Monitor link can be activated.

Always and everywhere available
The OTYS system is a natively designed web-based solution. and therefore available 24x7.Download our app for iPad, iPhone or Android for easy access on your selected device and you can always recruit from a location of your choice.


The unique matching module within OTYS connects candidates and jobs based on your specified criteria, keywords or even capabilities and competencies. The match criteria for both candidates and vacancies can be easily customised.

Actonomy Empowered Search
By integrating the Actonomy technology into your website, candidates can easily refine search results so they only find positions they want and are qualified for.

AutoMatch module
Together with Actonomy, OTYS has developed the AutoMatch module. With this unique algorithm, your system quickly finds the best possible matches for your jobs.

Candidate statuses
See at a glance in which phase of your process candidates are in and what their status is.

CV presentation

How you prepare the candidate’s profile can make the difference to your client or hiring manager. OTYS helps you create a beautiful presentation of your candidate with video, online profile or with a printed CV.

Save time and effort
With one press of a button, clients or candidates can indicate whether they are interested in the profile or job you sent. This is automatically incorporated into your database, saving time and assuring you of an accurate system.

Video recruitment
With Clooks video recruitment, you can incorporate remote candidate interviews at a time and location of their choosing. You are able to review these at your convenience. This also makes international recruitment very easy and saves you and the candidate time and money.

Job postings in your own style
With our modules, you can very simply publish job postings in your corporate identity, drawing the attention of candidates to your employment brand.

CVs in your corporate style
In proposing a candidate, it is important that you are able to present the CV in your standard corporate style. The OTYS solution delivers easy to use formatted templates, which ensure uniformity and clear branding.

Standard CV templates
With OTYS Print CV, it is possible to configure different profile layouts, including anonymised CVs

Talent pool

Some candidates are interesting, but you do not have the right vacancy at the time. With the OTYS talent pool you can stay in touch with candidates until the time is right. This saves time for you, the client and the candidates!

Categorise talent
Highlight candidates that were not selected for a job but may be qualified for another role in the future.

Job Search Agents
Candidates can set up job alerts so that they receive new and interesting jobs directly to their inbox. 

Vacancy mailings
Divide your talent pool and periodically send them relevant vacancies with one click so that they remain in touch with you.

CV mailings
Or select interesting profiles and send your clients a selection of available candidates.

Active and passive candidates
Archive candidates who were screened by you or when you have no available roles. Keeps a top level candidate overview without losing the depth of profile information.

Available everywhere and always 
The module is web-based and therefore always available, so you can work at any time or place that you want.
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