Recruitment tools

Traditional ATS software will assist you from the moment a candidate applies for a job. Our software is different. OTYS offers tools that help you communicate with your target group and stand out in the crowd. These tools will draw attention to your vacancies, help you reach the right audience and convert them to applicants.

Website design

Whether you have an online store or a recruitment site, it’s all about visitor conversion. OTYS can design and develop your website to achieve optimal conversion. We offer several recruitment features to make the application experience as pleasant as possible. 

Smart question sets
Ask questions that correspond to your specific vacancy.

Website management
Edit your website yourself with our CMS and templates.

Optimal measurability
Monitor the performance of your website in Google Analytics, for example.

Standard website or custom made?
Choose one of our templates or let us design a custom website for you.

Target group portals
Add portals to your website, such as for customers or employees.

SEO optimised
Improve your website ranking in search engines with our inclusive SEO tools.

Use of social media

Social media outlets play an increasingly important role in both the search for candidates as well as the findability of your job and the interaction with your target audience. OTYS offers not only the ability to post jobs directly to well-known social media sites, but also offers tools to find candidates quickly and save them in your talent pool.

Social sharing
Easily place vacancies on different Social Media channels directly from your OTYS system.

LinkedIn Manager
Search for candidates on LinkedIn and import them directly into the OTYS candidate database.

CV updates via social Networks
Keep candidates’ CVs up-to-date by linking to their Social Media profiles.

Apply with LinkedIn
Decrease barriers to apply by enabling candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profile. Any changes they make will be automatically updated and synchronised in your database.

Chat, text messages and blog

OTYS offers several options to communicate with your target group. For example, an integrated chat functionality allows you to chat with colleagues, candidates and site visitors. Also, the more traditional communication tools like email, newsletters and SMS are included in our software.

Chat functionality
Get in contact with site visitors or colleagues with the chat functionality.

SMS Manager
Reach candidates or clients quickly by SMS. This is convenient for reminders or other notifications.

News manager
Send out personalised newsletters and other emails, individually or in bulk.

Blog Manager
Share knowledge with your target group and attract visitors to your site with a topical company blog.

Job distribution

To generate site visits, you have to bring your vacancies to the attention of the right audience. With the OTYS vacancy module, you have total control over the placement of your vacancy on one or more websites. And not only your vacancies, but also those from external websites. Distribute on a large scale or precisely focussed and increase your site reach. This way, you will be sure that the ideal candidate will find your vacancy.

OTYS Multiposting Framework
Place vacancies easily on more than 100 pre-configured job boards and websites, with just a single click.

Indeed integration
Automatically place vacancies on the largest job board in the world. Give candidates the option to apply via Indeed for optimal conversion.

XML for quick distribution
Let external parties easily embed your vacancies by sending them your vacancy XML.

OTYS SX Snippets
Share several specific vacancies by supplying a code snippet to external websites.
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