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Referral recruitment

Imagine: your organisation has an open marketing job vacancy, and yesterday you heard that your neighbour’s son has graduated with a first in Marketing. Would you recommend him, help your organisation and net a nice reward?

Referral Recruitment

We ask our clients this question every day. Why? Because it’s the basis for a lower cost per hire and a higher quality per hire. Referral Recruitment offers the solution.

What is it?

Referral recruitment, recruiting through your own employees and contacts is a well proven method. More and more businesses and recruitment and selection agencies make use of this form of recruitment, which in fact has always been there. By means of a degree of gamification and incentives employees are playfully asked to look around now and then.

Why would you use referral recruitment?

  1. Your employees know both the business culture and the potential candidate. So they can judge better than anyone whether someone would fit into your organisation.
  2. Since every employee becomes a recruiter, you expand the reach of the vacancy and will find suitable candidates faster.
  3. Employees taken on through referral recruitment often stay longer in the job. They click faster with the company and take less time to feel at home.
  4. Recommendations from your own employees will be worth more for your employer branding than any marketing actions with which you seek to polish your image.

Why would you not use referral recruitment?

  • My employees are not proud of my organisation
  • I don’t want candidates that are like my current employees
  • I don’t like giving my employees gifts for efforts
  • I don’t mind paying a lot for new candidates
  • I find hard-to-find candidates much too much bother and prefer to go for the low-hanging fruit

Do all these points sound familiar? Reset your brain and try using referral recruitment. Guaranteed success!

Like to benefit straight away from the OTYS Referral Recruitment Portal?

Our Referral Recruitment Portal makes sure there’s a strategy behind this way of recruiting and that it becomes a fixed part of your recruitment process. Ad hoc recruitment actions through own personnel, which are often not taken seriously, are thus avoided. Your organisation is not alone in benefiting from the OTYS Referral Recruitment Portal, your employees will immediately notice the advantages too.

I want to benefit from Referral Recruitment

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