Process optimisation

Are you following the right strategy? Understand where you can improve? Find out by using the OTYS comprehensive reporting and process optimisation capabilities. Quickly know the results of your actions. Through cleverly set up workflows, standard documents and personal dashboards, we can provide more business efficiency. Measure the impact on your KPIs with the reporting tools. Only after analysing this information will you be able to adjust your processes and get better results.


Overview, insight and analysis. That is what OTYS offers you with the different reporting and processing modules. Your workflows and that of your employees can be optimised to create time savings.

Real-time dashboard
Maintain a real-time overview of your KPIs through personal and team dashboards.

Shared boards
Easily share dashboards with colleagues or external parties.

PDF Reports
Generate PDF reports to view and share quick overviews.

Workflow management

This module optimises your work process. Let the system work for you and automate your actions to gain time. With standard documents and workflow triggers you are able to get the most out of your time and the system.

Standard documents
Insert standard documents such as emails and contracts, add fields, and then utilise these elements with just one click.

Define statuses for candidates, vacancies and procedure phases. Add actions to the statuses and automate their initiation.

Workflow actions
Organise standard invitations, rejections, status updates and much more. Configure once to optimise processes.

Actively monitor any selected system activity by setting automatic notifications.

Dashboard overview

With dashboards, OTYS is able to provide an optimal configuration as well as a personal view for you and your team. Easily configure your dashboards by adding widgets.. Share these dashboards with your team or with the whole company through narrowcasting.

Share your dashboard easily on a TV screen in the office and share information with your colleagues.

Easily change the dashboards style and content to your wishes.

Make your own personalised dashboard by choosing which widgets you would like to show.
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