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Make a job site with OTYS!

The Dutch business community has a choice of hundreds of thousands of job vacancies. Your job site offers you the best job vacancies and the best possible user experience. Doesn’t it? 
Do you want a job site that really works? To set it up or rebuild it? With e-commerce in mind, but of course geared to supply and demand in the labour market? If so, contact OTYS. Our unique technology and access to a first-class network form the basis for a successful job site.

Business model?

Anything’s possible. What fits with your business model? Are you thinking for example of setting up a free job site as traffic generator, offering paid-for job vacancy placements or generating income from advertising and premium corporate profiles? OTYS can help you! Or is what you have not a job site but a candidate site? If so, open up your CV database and make it searchable on an anonymised basis. In this way you’ll tempt many employers to pay to register for your CV database. By means of links with various parties clients can pay direct, or you can offer credits or product packages. The result: you offer a low-threshold payment model and don’t have to worry about maintaining the link(s).


Start at the beginning. A job site shows many vacancies in order to generate as many visitors to the website as possible, who in turn lead to (paying) clients. Without vacancies there are no visitors to the website and without visitors to the website there are no vacancies. Is that a chicken-and-egg situation for you too? We understand that you have to start somewhere. For example with the OTYS Multiposting Framework: our clients, over 1,200 of them, can place their vacancies on your job site. With one click of a button.

Marketing & user experience

It’s all about visibility. Findability is key for a job site. We understand that and thus you have SEO tools and many communication and recruitment tools for bringing your job vacancies straight to the attention of the target group. Including of course the job vacancy alert and smart search functionalities for an optimal user experience. Add to this the blog, event, news and mailing modules and the result is crystal clear: with the OTYS tools you reach your target group and keep it involved.

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