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OTYS is a leading provider of software specifically created for job boards. We do this with e-Commerce in mind, while at the same time delivering solutions optimised for supply and demand on the labour market.

We understand your wishes

We understand your wishes when it comes to job boards. Many job boards have preceded you on our platforms, and that’s why OTYS has the knowledge to create and develop yours effectively. We regularly engage in dialogue with our clients and continue innovating or offering to provide better support for your business.

Support of your Business Model

OTYS advises you on multiple methodologies to support your business model. We offer the tools for establishing a free job board as a traffic generator, commercial site based on client payments for creating vacancies and generate income from advertising or premium company profiles.

Online payment possibilities

OTYS offers links with payment management services such as Ogone, Mollie or Easypay. Your clients are therefore capable of direct payment for any products or services you sell. You even have the possibility of offering packages of credits or bundled products. Eliminate barriers to the payment model, while we make sure you won’t have to worry about maintaining this process.

Generating traffic directly

A job board is only effective if it contains enough vacancies to attract candidate traffic and attract enough candidates to acquire new clients. Does this seem like a chicken-and-egg situation to you? We understand that you have to start somewhere. The OTYS job board technology is equipped by default with access to the entire OTYS recruitment community: with a single click any and all of the OTYS recruitment system clients can send their vacancies to your job board. Included in the OTYS job board platform is full access to SEO optimisation and a wide range of integrated communication and recruitment tools to help the target audience find your vacancies.

Unlock your CV Database

Is your business model geared towards accessing or providing candidates, but not publishing vacancies? With a special OTYS module you can open up your CV database and make it searchable anonymously. Build a pipeline of employers to access your CV database. With tools such as CV alerts your clients are actively engaged on a regular basis to fill their critical roles.
Interested in our solutions?

OTYS is happy to be your partner.
We will make sure you are the owner of an optimal working process and that your vacancies are more easily found by search engines, delivering better candidates to your critical vacancies.

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HRC International

International website focussed on specific hospitality target group

Check HRC International

A.S. Watson
A.S. Watson uses the OTYS system for their international offices.

Check A.S. Watson

The new job board website of



Careers website

Nice custom build website with several SVG animations.

Check out

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