CRM and Sales tools

OTYS can help you optimise your sales process. You can administer, track and analyse leads easily. With the advanced CRM system, you can track all activities and relationships. You also have real-time access to your sales reports anywhere, allowing you to intervene or adjust sales programmes in a timely manner.

Activity monitoring

With the activity module, you’ve got the tool to monitor your marketing campaigns. Keep track of the latest status and which sales and marketing campaign is in progress at which prospect. The activity module gives insight into which activities lead to conversion and ensure effective leads. 

Clear view of your activities and results
Keep track of your activities such as call-actions and mailings and see directly what your sales people still have to follow up.

Conversion insights
Which actions have led to which leads? You have direct insight and gain knowledge to increase the effectiveness of your subsequent actions.

Everyone can sell
Offer all your employees the opportunity to bring in sales opportunities or propose a standard product directly.

Anytime, anywhere
The module is web-based and always available. You can download our app for iPhone and Android so that you can work anywhere, anytime.

Sales & leads monitor

OTYS offers a complete package for Sales and Marketing. The package gives you the opportunity to track leads, enter product data, generate standard quotation, analyse sales and leads and make forecasts.

Lead Tracker
Log your leads, their origin and the need for inventory. Monitor the quality of lead, including which have directly led to sales.

Sales Tracker
The tool for pipeline management by the account manager. Keep track of opportunities and forecasts, weighted values and potential turnover.

Quality improvement
Standardising, digitising and automating the tendering process saves not only time, but also reduces the risk of errors.

Forecasting and reports
Create real-time reports on the number of meetings, number of calls, number of bids, sales and much more. See the latest updates of sales cycles everywhere.

Synoptic CRM

With the complete CRM solution of OTY your database and correspondence files are always up-to-date and accessible. Relationships can be sorted via an unlimited number of categories.

Share your relations and contacts in categories without limitations. Use filters and labels to make quick selections for your marketing actions.

Collaboration with CofC
Let information from the Chamber of Commerce database be added to your relationship files. (Question: Do you have access to UK CofC files? Or is this a Dutch only feature?).

Export and import options
Enrich your database by importing lists or create selections and export it to Excel.

Rights for different user groups
With the portals, you can assign specific rights to each user. For example, you give clients permission to add jobs, giving agencies access to propose candidates to vacancies and more.

Online portals

OTYS can integrate one or more portals in your website. With the portals you can set which information can be shown to certain groups. In this way, every logged in user can only see relevant information.

Web shop and online offerings
Publish products like training, course and vacancy packages on your dedicated online store. Visitors the opportunity to purchase them directly.

Several payment methods
By integration with online payment systems like Ogone, your visitor can pay directly.

Online proposals
Personalised quotations can be approved online through your site so that you will not lose time.

Credit System
Offer credits or loose packages with credits with which your products can be purchased directly.
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