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Whitepaper 'GDPR in the recruitment sector. A complete guide.'

  • 25-06-2018 12:36 PM
Arjan de Knegt
Written by
Arjan de Knegt

Some time ago, together with SOLV Advocaten, we organized the webinar 'GDPR for recruiters. What are the consequences?'. We received a lot of questions prior to and after the webinar about what the GDPR law is all about and how OTYS will deal with this. We used these questions as a guideline to write a whitepaper which answers these questions as complete as possible: 'GDPR in the recruitment sector. A complete guide.'.

Whitepaper 'GDPR in the recruitment sector. A complete guide'.

If you are working with personal data, then the GDPR definitely applies to you. The whitepaper gives you an overview of the consequences of the GDPR for recruiters. You can find anything about the processor agreement, documentation obligation and saving terms. Besides that we will tell you what you can expect from us and which precautions your organization should take to be prepared for the new law.

Download 'GDPR in the recruitment sector. A complete guide'


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